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I have been looking after an online store for 3 months now. Unfortunately, the man who set it up is not answering emails.


I have a category "Filters" and sub categories "internal Filters" and "external filters". The images all appear in the sub cat sections, but the main category page is blank and states that there are no products to list in this section. I have seen another similar site which has, on the main category page, images of products that are contained in sub categories. And these images link to the product page in question. My problem is how to ensure that these images appear? :blink:


I would really appreciate some help as I have been working on this problem all day with zero results.


I suspect this is something to do with index.php but although I can download file (if I am brave enough to attempt it) I cannot reload it back online. I am going to speak to my host on that for ftp addresses and password changes etc.


I am also of the mind that its possible missing modules. The setup is, I suspect, been done on the cheap by the installer and has missed some parts of the program. I can pm site details if need be!!


*pulling hair out of Birmingham*

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this is a familiar cry I hear.


Best case here is to


Tell customer there is a downtime looming. Be over generous with your estimate

Backup the database. and existing shop


Create a new installation from scratch on a testing server linking to the orig database

Apply the changed files from the orig one by one after comparing them.


List the clients requirments and apply the contribs needed one by one on the clean install.

then when done copy all across to the live server when tested.


FTP issue I guess it is that you are using a web based ftp tool, this will give the wrong usernemaes onto the files. Most hosters change the usernames at midnight everynight and that will allow you to overwrite in the morning. Be sure you knwo what time zone the hoster is in.


Hope this helps.



free is often better than cheap

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Thank you for taking time out to reply to my post Willow, appreciated. A lot of it went Whooosh, over my head, but, regarding the FTP; I use CuteFTP which I have been using for years on a total of 5 sites, and usually never have a problem at all. Thats for me and my host to sort out though.


I have had an idea though. Is there anyone in the Birmingham UK region who could help us out, it will be rewarded obviously, nothing is for nowt :thumbsup:


Maybe come around and check it all out first hand? Just a thought.

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Slightly off topic but relevant nevertheless; since posting my reply less that 22 hours ago the thread has moved down four whole pages due to more problems piling on top; this suggests to me that I am not the only one who has problems with this software and that its "piling up" with requests for HELP!!


Surely there is a lesson to be learnt here; this is just an observation based on the many varieties of problems displayed.

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