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I have never optimized a php site, but I am very familiar with doing it on a html only site. how is it done for oscommerce? i am running a redirect script on the root index.html page so it sends users to the catalog/index.php file. when i look at this in lynx (text-only browser), it doesn't redirect to the index.php page. so would i optimize the page with the redirect script? would these be penalized by google or yahoo? assuming it would, how do i set up my store so the spiders look to my store in the right places to get keywords etc?

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There are ten or so contributions you should install for SEO, along with a number of other changes that are not really documented anywhere other than on the forums. The main change you will want to make is adding a meta tags contribution. I prefer Header Tags, others prefer cDyanmic meta tags, but I wouldn't bother with the others if you are serious about SEO.


There is no reason, that I can see, to redirect from index.html to index.php. If you are going to do that, then just delete index.html and let the SE's load index.php directly. Of course, neither should be referenced in such links and the kind of redirection you are doing may well get your shite banned for duplicate content.


Optimizing an oscommerce shop is not any more difficult than optimizing an html site once the contributions are installed. Just about all of the informaiton you will need is here in the forums. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find.



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Just a note on finding information on the forums check this out.

This can make life a lot easier.

Backup before making changes. Backup before making changes! Backup before making changes!!


You did do a backup? eh?

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