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The e-commerce.

*NEWBIE* - customising and site design / extra features


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Hi, I have spent the last couple of hours reading up about osc since seeing it on a site that may possibly be one of my competitors.


I have designed a fairly simple website before in Frontpage, but had now wanted to start learning dreamweaver and photoshop and do it all 'properly'. I was about to embark on a site from scratch, using JAlbum (photo album software) to display my products and photos I want to sell, with paypal buttons simply made from the code paypal offers for free on its site. I would keep track of orders via paypal and Excel combination and analyse my own data. However, I now realise that should my business take off, I would probably have to upgrade to more sophisticated order management etc in the near future as my methods may be hard to manage.


Think I understand the gist of the shopping cart solution but I hate it when so many online shops look and feel similar and have no real personality or artistic flair. I do of course want an easy solution, but this was about learning and creating to me, not just getting something off the shelf and 'selling stuff'.


Do I have to sacrifice my creativity for the apparent ease of using ready made e-commerce software or can I make a basic shopfront with osc and add other pages and features (incorporating flash, animations, guestbook, photo gallery, information pages etc) around it, as and when I learn my dreamweaver etc.?


I have 8 years IT experience - tech thru management - including coding and VBA etc but am not actually a programmer. Please could anyone advise me before I potentially embark on the wrong path.... Thanks.

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OSCommerce is a great platform for any sized ecommerce store.


for an example see: www.ow.com.au

a very well designed store, and actually one of my rivals.


you can generally learn the content and how to basically configure a store within a few days.


I purchased a book called "OSCommerce: Beginner's Edition" by David Mercer. It's on Amazon and will set you back about $35 delivered.

even if you don't persue OSC as your platform, i wouldn't feel right telling you not to bother.

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thanks... appreciate that. it just feels like a big mountain to climb before i can start selling anything... and i want to ensure my dreamweaver and photoshop stuff i'll be learning at college doesnt get wasted.

i nearly used moonfruit.com sitebuilder (to get off the ground quickly) but i'm bothered that all these things are great while your happy but then you cant run on your own once your not...

this seems better.

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