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Category crumbtrail randomly changes - Help!!!

Mark the Harp

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Hi all,


This may be a problem with my host (1&1 internet) but I've just noticed an issue which I've never spotted before:


In uploading a new product and checking all my photogalleries, I tend to end up clicking back to a product quite a few times before the testing process is finished.


I just noticed that after a random number of clicks, the category crumbtrail (that is, the one before the actual product name) sometimes changes to something else, and seems to then stay in the new (wrong) category after further clicking on the product.


If I click on the "wrong" category on the crumbtrail it then takes me to that "wrong" category.


The "wrong" one it goes to is always the same one, when it happens.


One other point: looking at the "cPath" information as you mouseover the category and product, shows that the category path (I'm guessing that's what cPath stands for) is also replicated in the link to the product itself, ie the shop seems to "think" the product has moved to this new category.


I haven't noticed any other random behaviour like this in my shop, but this worries me.


If you want to see the offending product (there may be others) then try http://www.danceofdelight.co.uk/catalog/pr...products_id=221 - the category should be "Old Instruments" but occasionally changes to "Metronomes and Tuners".


I have a modified MS2.2 installation.


Any ideas what's causing it, or any suggestions for what I could check?



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Rats! Just discovered it's an incorrect category code in the template file used by photoshop to generate the photogalleries - the random behaviour was completely down to an incorrect piece of code on the "back" button in the individual image pages.


Any idea how to delete my original post???!!


Anyway, no need to follow the link now unless you want to buy a nice violin!!

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