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Feedback on Snowboard Store


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Hi there.


I'm looking for some feedback on an osCommerce store I have just finished developing for a friend. It's my first foray into osCommerce and PHP. (My day job is as a C# & SQl Server developer.) It's been a steep learning curve but it's been fun too, especially with the incredible amount of help I've been able to find in these forums.


The store is located at www.slidesnowboardstore.co.uk/shop.


As you can see, I've made a few tweaks to the standard layout as well as adding a customised 'news' feature to the front page.


Basically I was looking for some feedback on what we've done, and to ask if anyone can spot any stupid mistakes. :rolleyes: Over the next few weeks we hope to add some more features to the site but we thought we'd start with something simple and then let it grow.



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Really impressive site... looks nice, clean and professional... I wouldn't have qualms buying from it...


Think next you could change the style of the box headers and you'd be set apart from all the other oscommerce sites


I'm doing the same thing as you with working for a friend and am just getting started.... how many hours did you put in?

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Overall an impressive professional looking website.


Some of the images are not displaying, just red x's. Agree with Caios, where is the product search?


The only other thing that I am not overly keen on is the background, at my screen res of 1280 x 1024 the background makes up about half of the screen and I find it quite distracting. Maybe if it was say 30% opacity it might make it easier to look at.


But as I said a very nice looking website that I would be happy to purchase from . . . . . when you have an SSL cert installed!

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Thanks very much for the positive comments - it makes all those late nights feel a lot more worthwhile.


Over the last week I've fixed the broken images (was mainly a problem with the use of .bmp images which the 'On the Fly' image resizer contrib. can't handle). We've also removed the category counts, and moved the 'Brands' box back over to the left.


At the moment they are happy just using PayPal for all purchases, so I guess SSL isn't such a big deal? (Aside from protecting user's details?)


I'll take a look at re-enabling the search facility (I can't remember why we turned it off?!). Once the store starts filling up with this season's gear it will be pretty useful.


I'm also looking at altering the standard infobox design - will experiment with a few different contributions, or maybe write something myself. Anyone got any recommendations?


Finally I'm also looking at using a better news management system that will allow us to post up images and links in the news section. Very probably something RSS based.


Oh, and to answer OnesAndTwos' question, It's taken about 3 months of working a few hours most evenings and weekends, but that has included learning about PHP, osCommerce, graphic design, etc. I think I could work a LOT faster now. :-)


Thanks again.

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