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The e-commerce.

Newbie question about customization


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Hi there,


Im a newbie here, very new to oscommerce. Ive got it up and runnning on my machine and can see how it works. Catalog is obviously the site and adminstation tool is where you make changes, add products etc. It all seems very satisfying and the default template includes just about every feature you would expect an online shop to include. Is this really an open source, free application?!?


Im a xhtml/css developer with next to no knwledge of php or databases. I want to know if this is going to stump me in customising oscommerce to meet my needs. I would like to be able to re-write the markup to be html/css based rather than table, apply my own design and perhaps disable a few of the features shown in the default template. Ive searched the forum and had a good look at the admin tool in the app but havent found the answers im looking for.


Could anyone point me in the direction of this type of info and let me know if im going to run in to problems being the php/sql virgin that i am

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First. Welcom to osc.


Second. Yeah its free!! enjoy.


Third. Best way to get information from the forums on how to do things is to use google.

For a great thread that explains how to get the most of this click here

There are some great resourse in the links in my signature as well that can bring you up to speed as well

I know very little about php and reading here and having help from the community have always been able to make the changes I have wanted.


Lastly. Yes it is possible to make all the mods that you desire.

Backup before making changes. Backup before making changes! Backup before making changes!!


You did do a backup? eh?

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you can do anything with osc, its just a matter of sorting it all out, learning how it works. since you actually know css you already have a big advantage. i also knew nothing about php when i started, but knew css, html etc. i asked a couple stupid questions here and that gave me enough insight to figure the rest out. start reading the forums. make this your new home. just by reading through other people's questions, you can learn everything you need to know. now i have a killer site that looks nothing like osc.


check out this handy contribution for defining everything in the stylesheet



thats a good place to start. search is your friend, but if all else fails, dont be afraid to ask stupid questions. thats what we are all here for.

What? Yeah, I can do that.

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