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i've came across a few of these lately and my opinion of them is entirely negative.



- unscrupulous shop owner has very little web presence; registers company with a business review sites = fake review, useless to consumers


flip side:

- irate customer that is unwilling to work with the shop (be it by stupidity or simply not knowing the shop's policies before purchasing) posts a negative review and leaves out integral information in regards to why the transaction went sour; which is again, useless to consumers




my feelings are the same for the better business bureau in this regard as it's far too easy to slander one's competition or fake reviews. (i'm referencing their website, which posts comments about you even if you aren't a member!) -- so why pay to be on their bs list anyway?



on other forums i see users comment how some "customer" that never existed wrote a nasty review about their shop. why isn't the BBB confirming these reviews before posting them? what kind of proof do these places require before accepting a review?


i guess it's a double-edged sword: one can easily fake an invoice id claiming they purchased, a shop owner can easily deny the order ever existed (if it's expected to be a nasty review)


in my opinion, if these rating sites want to be legit, they should require the reviewers to fork over a reciept / bill or whatever, proving they actually worked with the company.



what really bothers me about these sites are they claim to do all this checking and whatnots, but they really don't. look up any of these ratings sites and falsify an order with your own company just to see what kind of checking they really do. it's a joke.

many of them don't even offer the option for a vendor to retort (that's POSTED to the public).. which should be integral in this kind of environment, as you're only getting one side to the story.


anyone here ever experience slanderous feedback on one of these sites?

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