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The e-commerce.

Initial bugs


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I've recently installed oscommerce and i'm looking forward to grappling with its innerds!


A couple of errors/bugs i've noticed so far:


No footer on Admin pages - It seems to be included at the bottom of each admin page with:

<!-- footer //-->

<?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'footer.php'); ?>

<!-- footer_eof //-->

...but it doesn't appear on screen and the html just ends abrubtly when viewing the source???


I find that on every page refresh, oscommerce seems crash my windows install of php. I get the 'send error report' dialog every time the page refreshes.


my add to cart button doesn't work


my checkout doesn't work


'online catalog' link at the top admin pages links to catalog/catalog, which is obviously wrong.



I suppose you have to be patient.

Has anyone actually had oscommerce working straight away without any problems, say within an hour or two?


thanks for listening.


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depends what your host has available. For local development I install separately apache/php/mysql - always.

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