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The e-commerce.

Cannot login


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Hello all,


I've installed three contributions manually:


- infoBox customizing for os commerce,

- Box images, and

- Login Box Form.


This last one I finally uninstalled. I also changed the space in between the boxes in all the catalog/ files.


I can't realize in which one of these steps I messed up with the code and now I can't go to the login page from My account, nor from Checkout. It simply says "the page can't be found".


Can someone please help me with this?


Thank you.

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Where is the link pointing to? In other words, before you click, when your mouse hovers over the link, what link do you see in the status bar in the bottom of the browser window?


You can xxxxx out your domain name out if you want, the rest of it is the important part ;)

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Well I can't see how any of your modifications would have caused this. I wasn't sure what 'login box form' was, but I see now it's just an infobox with the login form in it, correct? And you reversed the installation of that, anyway.


Usually when those account related pages won't come up it's because SSL is enabled with there is no SSL certificate...but if the link is pointing to http and not https then I can't see how that could be the problem.


You're sure the link is pointing to http and not https?

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Yes, it's pointing to http and not to https.


BUT, in fact I have installed a second contribution on login box that i also uninstalled after. I didn't mention it earlier because since it's very similar (I thought) to the first one, and I made the steps backwards, I didn't think it could be important. But this second one involves SSL. It's the Login form in a box contribution.


I double checked now again and as far as I can see I really undid everything. Do you think it has something to do with my problem?

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If it was working before, and it's not working now...and it's pointing to a http page...then I'm drawing a blank as to what the problem would be. Both of those login box contributions seem harmless.


If you want to PM me a link, so I can try it out...that might help...otherwise, I'm not sure right now.

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