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Add To Cart From External Source


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I am having the following problem. I am developing a PHP script wizard which acquires products from the OSCommerce database and when the user goes through a few steps it gathers a few products, let's say product 1, 2, 3 and 5. I store these into a separate table and then after the wizard is finished I want to add these products to the cart but I can't :( :(


I tried with cURL executing a POST query to shopping_cart.php?action=add_product with the products_id=1 etc. for each of the products but it doesn't seem to record them. I guess there is some authentication for the OSCommerce internal cart and I am not sure how I could get pass it.


Have anyone experienced anything like that? Is there a solution?


Help will be much appreciated.


Thank you,



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I have made up something similar, but it is more of a single product purchase system. I handle everything via xml and when a purchase is made, the information is POSTed to the site to add it into the osC DB. When payment is verified, then the shop admin can deal with the order statuses etc....


I would suggest you look at doing this via posted info, but you will need to make up some type of authentication etc so that you know that the order is from a registered site belonging to the group...



Peter M.

Peter McGrath


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Any luck come of this?


I have an idea to use a Flash ad that we have as a mini shopping cart type thing where as you can go through the flash looking at products it has listed and select them as you want.. then click the "Go to Cart" button and it would take you to our shop adding the selected items to the cart for you..


any suggestions?

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