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A tough one -- Impossible?


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Hello all. I'm a novice to PHP, but not HTML, and my OSC is coming along great so far. I've set it up, have added products, images, etc., and edited the layout. It's great so far! BUt I have run into my first major roadblock.


I sell various mounts that go into factories on assembly lines. Now I know how to make standard html forms, and types of <input> things. When an end-user clicks on a fixture, they have the option to buy it. That's great. But what I'd like to do is set it up so that they can see the mount, and underneath that, they will have these options/forms, so that I know what to build them. If they wish, they can fill out the 3 forms I provide below, and then purchase -- or they don't have to fill 'em out and they can still purchase. Here are the three forms I would like to include (if possible):


Number of holes:

1 2 3 4 5 <------------- they should have to check off one of 'em


Dimesnsions of holes:

( ? )cm ( ? )inch <------------- The should be able to fill in how many inches their holes are


Any additional notes:

<----------------- Let end-user put a couple sentences in case they need to specify



Can these things be submitted with their purchase? It won't affect the price, and I'll let 'em know that on the website. But can I receive an e-mail, or whatever, telling me if they filled out these forms, and what they filled out? Additionally, would I have to create more tables in my database, or tinker with the database at all? That's kinda scary to me.


Well, this is a tough one; I know it, so anyone who can take the time to read this, understand this, and offer me a solution would be greatly appreciated!





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The Custom Computer Creator contribution should do what you need, I don't know of an working example for you to see though. There might be some images that come with the file.

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I think you've got two options - either make clever use of attributes (if you can predefine the choices) OR you need to tinker with the database.


There are various attribute contribs around which give you a better layout etc. so might be worth checking those out. The hardest part is the free text field - you've already got a comments field during checkout but that's order-specific, not product-specific. If that isn't enough, then you'll need to amend the product tablebase structure to contain extra fields.


all the best, Terra

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