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Cart subtotal shows as zero


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Here's the thing. There are two places where you get the code which doesn't work


<?php echo $currencies->format($cart->show_total()); ?>


in shopping_cart.php and


'text' => $currencies->format($cart->show_total()));


in includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php.


They both show the correct currency symbol but then only ever show a zero although the cart checkout totals up properly. I had it working fine on a development site, so I have copied the SQL database on to a new site to save a lot of configuration, where this problem occurs. I have changed all the paths, passwords, etc and everything works apart from this. Is it a session issue or what, I'm stumped!! FYI I have the multi-stores addon installed on both sites.

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OK, can anyone tell me what those two lines are actually supposed to do? ie what the -> bit is all about?


I know it's supposed to display the subtotal, I just don't understand how it is trying to do it :blush:

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