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modify existing orders


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Hello, I've trying to find / search for a way to make modifications to pending orders (i.e., the order has been submitted, but before it was processed, the customer calls to add / remove items). Is there any way to do that (either for a customer to change his order himself, it's not being processed already (or at least cancel that), or for a customer service rep modify it for the customer?


Thank you

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I just had a quick search in the contirbs and found



I havent used so cant pass comment on it

I think it may be what your looking for

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Thanks Shaun, looks just like what I was looking for. I still have to learn how to search for the right contributions :)


Not to sorry mate, we have to start some were, contribs can be found http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions or from th the community drop down at the top

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Someone give Shaun an award!!!!!!


Nice work there Shaun :-) I like the way how you REALLY quickly fixed/solved the problem!


Or at least I assume it's solved.

I am Tim? and Tim? is me!

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You could also try the order editor contribution. It's well supported in the contributions support section in this forum. Latest version is working fine for changes of all sorts when needed.



The First Law of E-Commerce: If the user can't find the product, the user can't buy the product.


Feedback and suggestions on my shop welcome.


Note: My advice is based on my own experience or on something I read in these forums. No guarantee it'll work for you! Make sure that you always BACKUP the database and the files you are going to change so that you can rollback to a working version if things go wrong.

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