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retrieve specific product name


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i want to edit my frontpage layout and i want to put a specific product name but with php codes


so i want to retrieve a specific productname from the database and put it in my layout


i thought of something like this


<?php echo tep_get_products_name(product_id=319) ?>

but it doesn't works

is there another way to retrieve values from the database?


many thanks

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May I ask just exactly what you want to do with this? You have to query the DB which isn't just a small line of code to do. Reason I am asking is their might be a easier way and I could probably save you some work.

Search the forum and contributions before posting. If that doesn't work, keep looking, then post. The forum is for seeking help and advice NOT for someone to do your work for you. Try to do something on your on, if you are going to run a shop then learn how it works.

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try doing


<?php echo tep_get_products_name('319') ?>


and make sure the 319 is valid/existing products id.

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