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Search Engine Friendly Subdomains


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I was trying to set a osCommerce online store up to allow spiders to crawl and index the store contents. The only thing I found was the contribution "Search Engine Friendly URLs".


Well by reading the reqirements I found that is was too risky for me to try it.


My goal was to get pages and/or folders set up that are search engine friendly. To improve the relevance for SE I wanted to use subfolders. I could make it work. So can you.


First I created a subdomain and copied the index file into it. Then I created a copy of the application_top.php and configuration.php in the main includes folder and names them *_custom.php.


In the index.php file in the subdomain I exchanged the links to the application_top.php and the configuration.php to the new, custom created files. Of course, at this point it is not working yet.


I changed the configuration file to point to the real folders by setting the root to '../../html/'. For images I added 'images', for includes I added 'includes'. Very easy.


I also changed the application_top_custom.php to point to the right folders.


That was pretty much it. The rest was fine tuning.


To make it easier to create many subdomains I copy & pasted the category id 'cPath' identification into the index.php of the subdomain. Make sure to also copy the if-then-else structure nebeath it, since it is working with cPath.


Eventually I had to link the main start page to the subdomains. It sounds easier since there is a link base reference in it that keeps you from linking into subdomains. I solved that by writing a php if-else command that only writes the link base reference when it is not the start page. So in the start page the link base reference does not appear. And it is not necessary for the start page.


Everything works well. At the end you have the online store and it has links to subdomains. Each subdomain can be optimzed for a product. Check it out at www.muckbootsandshoes.com.


The subdomains are linked at the center middle group and at the bottom of the start page.


Any ideas for improvements? Let me know.

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Man, this is great! Last couple of weeks I was walking around with idea to use subdomains with category names. But unfortunately, I'm as far as coding goes, I'm still at the kinder garden level, so could you post more details with your instructions and maybe also code examples? Writing php loops and things like that...


Great site. btw. I like category listing at the bottom of the page.

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I'm still a rank newbie at this, but I don't see any subdomains as I scroll through your site. Your pages don't appear as static links. The names are all .php with some numeric code, not the product name. That's not what I expected would be a SEO site.

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