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The e-commerce.

I want to remove some of the boxes in the right and left colums. how?


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It is in the includes/column_right.php file


just put // infront of the boxes you don't want.

Backup before making changes. Backup before making changes! Backup before making changes!!


You did do a backup? eh?

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thanks! is there a way to also


1. move boxes up or down the order within the same column?


2. move boxes from the right to left column and vice versa?



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require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'onebox.php');


will appear above the next one down


require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'anotherbox.php');


and so on ...


If you switch them, the display order will change accordingly.


Just be carefull with the if statements/curly brackets ...don't lose track of them.


Just make backups and there are no worries that way. :thumbsup:


To move left to right...just take the whole "include" or "require" out of the column_left file into the column_right file.

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