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sorry if this is a worthless thread but i need to figure out how to put up my own site. i have purchased monkimayjk.com through go daddy. once i have my username and password i am stuck. i have no idea what to do next to get my site up and running. i have downloaded the oscommerce but have no idea how to change what i need and become live. any help and/or criticizm is valued

thank you very much

[email protected]

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You need to purchase a hosting account, go for a Linux/Apache combo if you can. Then, if you don't use GoDaddy for hosting, you need to transfer the domain name to your host. Once done, upload the osC catalog to your root directory, if you want www.monkimayjk.com/catalog or just the contents of the catalog directory if you want www.monkimayjk.com.


Then you (through your host control panel) or ask your host to do it, need to create an empty database. You'll need to know or remember the database name, username and password set for the administrator - that's you.


Then open a browser and type in www.monkimayjk.com/install/ or www.monkimayjk.com/catalog/install/ and it will install. You'll have to input the database name, username and password along the way, also the database server address.


If all goes smooth, your store will appear before your amazed eyes. Otherwise, this is the point where the hair pulling and monitor punching starts. :rolleyes:




Monitors are deceptively hard.......have a soft toy nearby! >_<



BTW - Vger took the time to write an installation guide so give it a read:



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It sounds like you're pritty new at this and to be honest it will get harder before it gets easier.


To get started with osCommerce (if you want to setup your own store) you should know the following:


htm code: enough to put together a simple website with images, and links.

php code: you have to know what <? ?> means.

web directory structures: how folders are setup on a web server to share internet

ftp: know how to upload files


that's honestly the very basic knowedge you should have. And even with that knowedge alone it won't be easy.


I would suggest you purchase a template from http://www.templatemonster.com. Make sure you only purchase one of their osCommerce templates (it will say osCommerce - and they should provide you with a link that will give you a demo of how it will look like) The templates at templatemonster are ready-to-go templates


I would pick a template that's exactly (or very close) to what you want your site to do.


Call GoDaddy and purchase one of their cheap SSL certificates (the cheapest one they have will work)


Next, I would go to http://www.apollohosting.com and purchase a basic package.. I use them and the support is the better than the other hosting companies I've tried. Call them to setup the plan and ask them to setup osCommerce + setup your SSL key for you (they usually have to put in a ticket to do so) Make sure to supply your template to apollohosting tech support


Next go to PayPal and sign up for their PayPal Merchants Pro account (call and tell them that your using osCommerce)

Read then download the following: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3647

That will integrate payment module with your shopping cart.



It will take you 1 week of staying up all night but it's worth it... Currently I'm almost all setup - Just have to get this pop-up image window thing working.

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