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Setup charge and per item charge


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I have a customer, whom I did a Christmas Card ordering website for. www.sandyshoresart.com


They have an option to personlize the Christmas Cards and/or envelopes and I need to find a way to have this charge added.


The price for personlization will be a $5.00 setup for the cards and $5.00 setup if they want envelopes personlized. Then, there is a $1.50 charge per item personlized.


Here is an example:


If I buy a box of 12 cards, for $14.95 and don't want them personlized, $14.95 is my final cost.

If I buy a box of 12 cards, for $14.95 and want them personlized, the charge should be $14.95 plus $5.00 setup and $1.50 for the one box. If I wanted the envelopes personlized, there would be another $5.00 charge plus the $1.50 for the one box. So, my order total would be:


$14.95 (Box of Cards)

$5.00 (setup for card personlization)

$1.50 (fee)

$5.00 (setup for envelope personlization)

$1.50 (fee)

$27.95 (total)


If I wanted additional boxes, for example 5, this is what the cart needs to charge:


$14.95 x 5 (boxes of cards)

$5.00 (setup for card personlization)

$1.50 x 5 (fee)

$5.00 (setup for envelope personlization)

$1.50 x 5 (fee)

$99.75 (total)



Can anyone help me with configuration.


PS. I need a place for customers to enter customized text.

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