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How do you handle sudden database blackouts ?


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Hi there,


I want to ask you, how you handle sudden blackouts of your database ?


Is there a function in osC included, that redirects the user to a static page in a.m. case ?

Or are you using 2 independent database servers, that covers each other in a.m. case ?


If there is nothing (no function or mechanism) and the webserver is still alive, the user only gets a message :

Warning: mysql_connect(): Can't connect to MySQL server on ...


This is only a simple text message / static error page, but with no special webserver error code like 404, 500, etc.

So, there is no possibility to filter such an error code (no way I know).



And therefore, I want to ask you again, how you handle sudden blackouts of your database ?


Thanks for your input.



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If you're losing database access on a regular basis, I'd get that fixed first as it ain't normal.


Ideally, there should be comprehensive error trapping in osC which would re-direct to a static page when an error occurs. But there isn't - I'm not a programmer so I don't know how much work would be involved in adding it.


You could run mySQL on its own seperate server, with a slave on the web host server for fallback but you'd have to be doing a fair bit of business to justify the extra expense.


I haven't had any unplanned downtime on my server (which runs mysql and the web server) over the last two years and its been running (without a reboot) for 15 months now.

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Thanks for your reply.

I'm not loosing the database connection on a regular basis, so nothing I have to fix first.


What I meant, was, when your provider has to do some work on the network or a server and due to this, you have a database blackout.


This happened to me with my provider 2 times now, so I thought, that a redirection to a static page would be good to handle the upcoming errors in such a situation.


But how do I have to do this ?

Do I have to implement in each page in the root folder a small routine in the beginning like this :


check database ...is dead => redirect to static page

else (is alive) => continue


I'm not a php programmer, so its hard for me to struggle through this.

But thats the way I can image this.


Any help for this routine welcome.


Thanks in advance,

kind regards


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