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sql error on


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Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client


im installing on localhost and i get that error im using MySQL 5.0 so i dont see why im getting this error

i installed it fine before but i just reformatted now when i try and install i get that error


can anyone help please ive searched all over mysql.com and all over google aswell as this forum but cant find any answers



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some info from the web


MySQL 4.x use a newer authentication, more secure authentication method

with longer passwords. Since PHP does not yet understand this method a

connect will always fail with that error message.


> But MYSQL 4.1.17 is the latest version, and PHP 4.3.9 is the latest 4

> version. Should I try PHP 5.0.2 or downgrade apache?


Neither is neccessary. You can tell MySQL to fall back to old style

authentication until PHP is upgraded to support the new method.


Shutdown the MySQL server, look for the MySQL config file (It's usually

called my.ini and can be found in the directory where you installed the

server. At least that's where I can find it in the Windows version.). In

the config file look for the "[mysqld]" section and write one line with

the content "old-passwords" (without the quotes of course) into the

file. Save the file and restart the server.


If you followed these instructions to the letter MySQL will now accept

calls from PHP again.



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Thanks Vger,


I checked all over for my.ini or anything that looked like a config file in the dir i installed MySQL and couldnt find it.


the only thing i dont understand is im using the same PHP/MySQL/Apache i was using before i reformatted and it was all working fine i installed and designed my shop on it before uploading it to my webhost


after i had it all uploaded i decided to reformat my PC and since i have reinstalled everything apache and php are working fine and so is MySQL via the ms-dos but i cannot connect to MySQL through phpmyadmin as it keep rejecting my password (even tho its correct) and i get that error when trying to install OSC


i will keep on looking for the config file but do you have a link to the MySQL you use? im using MySQL server 5.0



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ok fixed it


have to log in as "root" and use pw you made in mysql setup ( you do that in MySQL Command Prompt ) then still in command prompt Run Query: UPDATE mysql.user SET Password = OLD_PASSWORD('---') WHERE Host = 'localhost' AND User = 'root'; if query is OK (1 row affected) run query FLUSH PRIVILEGES;


Thanks for the help

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