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Request for the Consumate, Unabridged Post on How to Use Downloads!


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Dear Crew,


Could someone please, please, please provide step by step instructions on how one goes about setting up a music-downloads store?


There are innumerable examples of those that ask pertinent questions... and then reply to their own questions by saying, "oh, never mind, I found the answer." Not at all helpful.


Furthermore, many of the comments that provide some useful information seem to be only a piece of the complete puzzle that is needed to fully make things work.


So let's say I'm starting from scratch:


Yes, I follow the instructions in the Administration Guide by doing the following:


a) put the product on the internet in the folder catalog/download.

b) Checking permissions of catalog/pub and catalog/download (and all items in the download directory itself, as someone pointed out in a thread).

c) activating the download option under configuration.

d) adding the product (which, I'm assuming here I don't put any quantity, right???? or do I? I wonder why there isn't an option here to just say, "this is a download")

e) Go to "Product Attributes" and...


And here is where I get totally lost. How in the world am I supposed to use the attributes relative to downloads?


Furthermore, there is this thing called the "Download Controller" but once again I feel like the directions are geared toward a very specific audience, i.e., an advanced programmer. Do I need this "Download Controller"? And if so, how exactly do I use it?


If anyone out there could just do a quick tutorial?or point me to one that already exists?on how one goes about setting up a music store with, say, five songs?from configuration to purchase?I would be grateful.


Thank you. And please forgive my ignorance!



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i would like too!


its my understanding (but not %100 for sure!) that download controller is needed.

i want customers to pay with paypal and so i have also installed the paypalipn contrib.

installing the contribs seemed reasonably easy.

after unziping the download you will see that the files are already ordered into the folders where they belong. so i just opened each folder in turn on both the pc and my site (using an ftp) and then transferred the files in each folder to its equal folder on my site. hope that makes sense.

with the download controller i also had to run a sql file on my database.

to do that i opened up the sql file that came with the download controller and coppied it. i then went to my hosting companie and went to mysql database manager. i opened up the data base that osc is using, selected query, then pasted in the sql code that i copied earlier. pressed ok. then when i went to the osc admin everthing was there as it should be!

but. i still dont have it all working as it should. i just go from problem to problem hoping that it will be worth it in the end!

yes. a good guide on this downloads subject would be FANTASTIC!!

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