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How to make changes to the text customers see


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HI There,


I have tried and failed to understand which paths to follow in order to be able to alter text on my site.


I want to change simple things like - when a customer gets to the 'choose a payment method' page...I want to change the Paypal option to Credit/Debit Card or Paypal.

Also, some of the Americanised spellings need to be changed, ie..cheque instead of check...various other niggly bits too.


The problem is I can find text that LOOKS like its the right thing to change..but am SCARED that I change it and it messes something up.


Is there a definitive way to tell if you've gone to the correct php file or whatever and changed the right text?


Is there a simple system so I know that certain things get changed in this section, different things in another section?


I know this is all ABC to you guys, but when you just don't know how it works, then it looks so complicated to the novice - ME....lol


Anyway, hope someone can push me in the right direction...it would be most appreciated...


Thanks :)


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It depends on the text you need to change, if in doubt, make a duplicate copy of you site as a back up you can use if things go wrong.

If you would like more specific help feel free to mail me.

Hope this helps


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