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The e-commerce.

Restaurant specific complete e-business system. How to market .. ?


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I'd like to get your opinions on how I can market a specific e-business idea. I've been developing a complete online restaurant e-business portal and have completed it. I'd love to give a link to you but it isn't in English :) yet.


Now I'm not a newbie to programming .. like someone who's come out of college with a bright idea. I've been with Java since 1995, have done various projects from portals to commercial banks and I know my DB desing and architecture. In short this isn't an amateur project.


In fact it's quite a modular system which has menu groups, broken down to menu's, broken down to ingredients all stored differently. Thus with this level of detail any new menu is added ingredient by ingredient with measurements. Why would I want to do that .. especially when I'm selling it as a whole ?


Imagine this .. without any extra work I can have any ingredient portion changed by the user (using options like a little or double extra) - AND mirror this on the order pricing and give you the nutritional values of that specific meal. The customer never expresses additional or excluded ingredients by way of note but directly into the system. There are many other benefits but explaining here would be lengthy.


The store includes all the server side coding in JSP and pure Java in a highly modular system but I haven't included XSL support for sake of speed. The restaurant side has a windows executable which shows orders, their status and customer information. It is a flexible program whish needs logging in before the server side e-store opens. If connection goes between restaurant and server for more than 1 minute, a temporary suspension occurs. Message saying try again in a minute. The system has support for restaurants with more that one branch. User statistics show how eligable the order that has come in is. If the restaurant has doubts about the order they can call up and confirm the order. Delivery phone and address details are recorded and any subsequent orders mirror this. As you can see it would take a long time to explain it in detail.


It is an excellent plan for small to medium sized restaurants. The system should be sold to restaurants ready and online - with a monthly payment - so the customer never worries about the state of the server/backup/management and sw updates. All he/she has to know it the interface screen on the restaurant - which is extremely simple. Truly anyone can learn it in 5 minutes .. guaranteed. :)


I would also like to give restaurants a free trial period. A real free trial period. No strings attached for 2-3 months. Let them use it. It will give me time to see it's performance and fine tune it.


Here's the question. What kind of marketing should I follow. Are there specific forums for these kinds of businesses. Should I give ads .. if so where. I'm a good programmer but a lousy marketer :) .. quite bluntly - have no clue where to start. Suggestions ?





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