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Hide Shop By Price Info Box????


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Hi all. I was wondering if anyone knew how i could hide the Shop By Price Infobox if the currency was changed from GBP (Default) to any ov the guide line currencies i have on my website, as if a customer chooses YEN it doesnt quite work when people want to shop for a gift under 20....


Appreciate any help you can offer me.



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I think this should work.


Go to catalog/includes/column_left.php (or column_right.php ...whereever you have the shop by price box displayed)


Just add the if statement and the 2 curly brackets...


if ($currency == 'GBP'){

include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'shop_by_price.php');}


I don't know the real name of your shop by price box :blink: but the idea is the same.

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remove the require(infobox) from either column right or column left.


You are not exactly clear on what you want here. Do you want that when a specific currency is selected that an infobox appears??


because then you will have to do a bit of php'ing

something like this:

if(currency=GBP), require infobox;


sorry, the above example is a bit terrible but you get the gist, dont you



if you need further help just send me a pm

Menou and unome

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