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CSS styles for tables


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Hi all,


Wonder if I can get some help with this. 2 quick questions I hope :D


1 When I add a product to the site I know that it automatically used the main tag in the css stylesheet.


If i add the main tag to the table that i use, when I preview the product description its fine, however when I look at it on the site it doesnt seem to have to applied it


2. Is there a css to apply a different coloer to every other cell in a table or do you have to apply them manually?

Things still to do before going "live" in no real order...

Change "buy now buttons" css styles

Change "lets see what we have here" into something meaningfull

Main logo of the website

Sort out currency to make site UK only (at present)

Remove "xx requests since" stuff

Update mainpage :D

Move shopping cart status into header

Add in stock status to product listing page

Define styles for product listing standardisation

Change CSS background for Headings

Increase Category size headings

Used mods so far:- basic_design_pack1mk7 | Google XML sitemap w admin | Paypal IPN v 1.2 | Feedmachine | pricematch_1_3_1 | Dynamic Sitemap 1.6 | Whos online Enhancement | Easypopulate 2.72


Each one that I solve I;ll be putting a post on the forum in a "completed shop" thread that Im writing up

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You could use the productListing-odd and productListing-even classes.

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