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Effective Marketing and Targeted Traffic Through Article Submission!


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Article writing and distributing to online article directories should always be in your traffic toolbox. It's a darn smart marketing, simple yet effective way of boosting the traffic to your website. Best of all, it helps you to generate the most important traffic there is: targeted traffic!


There is hardly any other online marketing tool that is as effective and yet so low-cost as articles are when it comes to generating traffic.


Most people don't know it but low cost marketing articles are capable of generating tons of targeted traffic for any site. For instance a single article posted at an articles directory can end up in tens of thousands of other web sites. This in itself creates a marketing situation where there is a huge but low cost potential for traffic because even if your article in each of those sites generates the occasional hit, the numbers will tend to quickly add up into a very impressive traffic figure.


Marketing articles are actually so low cost that they tend to cost next to nothing. Apart from the time spent researching, writing and posting the marketing article, there is no other cost the site owner looking to get away from low traffic will incur.


Even if one chooses to hire a content provider to generate the marketing articles, the cost will still be very low when compared to other methods of advertising online.


What's more low cost marketing articles tend to generate highly targeted traffic that has already been pre-sold before they actually get to your site. This also makes low cost marketing articles very valuable sources of traffic for any site.

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I found out about the articles for additional traffic some time ago while doing my paranormal website. I am in the process of writing a series of articles for my store site.


I currently have an articles section on my site, using articles from free articles sites. Yes, I'm giving others free traffic this way, but I am also giving my customers a variety of thoughts, ideas, and information, in addition to what I will be writing also.


Also, these free articles sites help you find material for your newsletters and such at times when you are short on time in putting one together one month...quicky, easy, and free filler. Yes, you are again giving someone else traffic, but I have already gotten feedback and thank yous from some authors, knowing their articles are on my site, and have placed a link to my site on theirs. So, it does work out in the end for you.


If you can write one article a month/every 2 months, post them to your own site, and to these articles sites ... you will see an increase in traffic. Just like anything else, it may not be immediate, but you will see it. The articles do not have to be long either. Surf through the article sites and you see many of the articles are fairly short, but full of info.


Thanks for bringing up this topic, Gio

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I've known about this, this post motivated me to write an article.


We'll see if I get traffic. Hopefully I do.


Which directories do you guys submit to? I just did 3 for this article.

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I'm still writing my articles - if you google ' free articles ' - that should bring up several free articles sites. Just submit to those categories that are appropriate to your subject matter.


Also, depending on your subject and expertise - do not hestitate to submit your article to some of the better known magazines...many publish articles online.


Create a blog and link back to your site (don't link to your blog, make this one of those rare one-way links...)


Don't forget to put your site in your signature in those forums that allow you to. Heck, I did a search for my site (backlinks) and the link in my profile here at Osc came up as one!

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