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Adding a second admin/configuration.php file


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Can someone clue me in as to how I can successfully split the admin/configuration.php file into two files (configuration.php & configuration_admin.php)? I just don't know enough to make it work properly.


I have managed so far to get it to work partly (shows in the admin panel with all the links working), but will only delete from the newly created configuration_admin_value field ? will not update.


What I?ve done so far:


Created two new database TABLES: configuration_admin & configuration_admin_groups


Added to all their inserts: _admin


Made an admin/configuration_admin.php file (copied admin/configuration.php and changed instances of configuration to configuration_admin)


Added to admin/includes/application_top:

// set application wide parameters
 $configuration_admin_query = tep_db_query('select configuration_admin_key as cfgKey, configuration_admin_value as cfgValue from ' . TABLE_CONFIGURATION_ADMIN);
 while ($configuration_admin = tep_db_fetch_array($configuration_admin_query)) {
define($configuration_admin['cfgKey'], $configuration_admin['cfgValue']);


Added to admin/includes/column_left.php:

 require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'configuration_admin.php');


Added to admin/includes/ database_tables.php:

define('TABLE_CONFIGURATION_ADMIN', 'configuration_admin');
define('TABLE_CONFIGURATION_ADMIN_GROUP', 'configuration_admin_group');


Added to admin/includes/filenames.php:

define('FILENAME_CONFIGURATION_ADMIN', 'configuration_admin.php');


Made an admin/includes/boxes/ configuration_admin.php file (copied admin/includes/boxes/ configuration_admin.php and changed instances of configuration to configuration_admin)


Added to admin/includes/languages/english.php:

The defines needed


Made an admin/includes/english/configuration_admin.php (copied admin/includes/english/configuration_admin.php and changed instances of CONFIGURATION to CONFIGURATION_ADMIN)


Thanks in advance.





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