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The e-commerce.

Problems installing on yahoo hosting


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First off let me tell you that the oscommerce has been successfully installed, but I am having a few problems that I was hoping to get some answers to before I contact yahoo directly.

First of all, I noticed that during the ftp upload yahoo doesn't let me upload .htaccess files. Is this going to cause any problems?


And, I can't figure out the ssl configuration. I am using a shared ssl provided by yahoo. For ssl, yahoo resources tell me to make a "ssl" folder on the root of the site, and then put the files that need to be protected in there, and then those pages will be redirected to a https. Any suggestions on how to configure this?

Thank you

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Since .htaccess is not allowed will I have any problems running osCommerce?


For my ssl problem, I guess I just don't know what to put in my config file, I tried a couple things but it didn't work, I just get a Page cannot be found error.

This may be a stupid question but do I have to copy certain files from osCommerce to this "ssl" folder.


Thank you

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I haven't had any problems that required .htaccess. I've used them, but there were always other ways to solve the problems.


Sounds like yahoo's doing something weird. I suppose you could put your checkout area in the secure folders, but that's going to be a bitch to reconfigure. You'd probably have to do a fair amount of redefining in the filenames.php and the configure.php files in order to separate your checkout area from the rest of the site. I'd look into getting a quality ssl certificate, personally.

Always BACK UP your files and your database before making any changes. Before asking questions, check out the Knowledge Base. Check out the contributions to see if your problem's solved there. Search the forums.


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Useful contributions: Easypopulate Fast, Easy Checkout Header Tag Controller

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