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Weight...can I simply Change database type to text? HLP


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I woul dlike to add a unit in the weights field

so 50g, or 1Kg, 450ml, etc

When I try it only includes numbers with 2 decimal places. I went into MySQL and turned off the decimal, but I am thinking I can just turn the type to text, and then include the unit.


Will doing this erase everything that is there already? Possibly cause any other problems? Don't know much about MySQL or PHP...just sort of hunting my way through.





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The general purpose of entering the weight is for the shipping modules. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet, but I can't think of another "general" purpose for the weight. I do think if you do what you described it will interfere with the function of your shipping modules.


Using more than one unit (mL, g, kg, cc, etc) won't work with the weight based shipping modules anyway.


If you don't need weight calculations at checkout (for shipping), then I would say you could probably use that weight field however you like. Such as if your shipping is all flat rate w/ no weight needs for the calculations.


No matter what you do, back up the database first.


Another option would be to add a field (there are contributions to help w/that). You can make the field a text field and put whatever you want in it. I think the contrib. is called product extra fields.

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