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How do to remove infobox header?


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you will have to create a new class in the catalog\includes\classes\boxes.php. Then assign a different css class to it (with different font, background etc) and change the loginbox.php to use it.


So instead of calling


new infoBox


you will end up calling


new customBox

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Is there a trick to removing the Manufacturers heading? I can't seem to even remove the word 'Manufacturer' from the heading.


I deleted the word from english.php which worked fine for the likes of currencies and search. In those I also called the class 'infoboxheadingcustombox' - and no worries, no headings.


But for some reason 'Manufacturers' won't go away nor the heading colour behind it.

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Okay, got it. While most of the heading titles are in includes/english.php the manufacturers heading title is also in includes/english/index.php

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