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PHP Not working

midnight hacker

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I have a problem with my catalog folder the php files inside can't be shown

i keep getting interal server error my install went without any problems

i can access the admin files with no problems and everything works

but when i goto my catalog folder i get interal server error

here is the error log :


Fri Jun 16 14:46:48 2006] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /usr/home/dynamict/public_html/catalog/index.php


I get the same error for anyfile i open under catalog


I don't have a .htaccess file under the catalog folder i had one before

but same problem happend

the server tech support tells me i got spaces in my index.php file ?

also they tell me this

your site is not functional because you have nondefault directives in your .htaccess files. Since we have php as a cgi, and not as an apache module, you can't specify php settings in the .htaccess files. As php does not control apache's configureation, you can not have apache directives in your php.ini. If you have any further questions, pleaser


my permissions are all correct as stated in the guide

how can i remedy this problem?

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PHP installed as a CGI is a horse of a different color as far as much of the help you'll find on the web. Most hosts do not install PHP as a CGI.


To fix this error, you will need to make sure that there is no whitespace or any other characters before the opening




and closing




tags in index.php. I am not certain how accurate the CGI header errors are - it may be that you have whitespace in an included file. If this is the case, your only choice is to go through each one and be sure.


By no whitespace, I mean there cannot be any spaces or linebreaks. The ABSOLUTE first thing in each file of OSC needs to be:




and in most files, the absolute last thing needs to be:




Since your host has PHP installed as a CGI, it is basically a separate application. .htaccess files are directive files that allow you to adjust certain parameters of the Apache webserver. When PHP is installed as an Apache module, you can make changes to PHP parameters as well. PHP as a CGI is a separate application and so you cannot affect it in the same way.



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