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The e-commerce.

Scalability and performance


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I am just evaluating off the shelf ecommerce products. I am looking at oscommerce and wondering if it would comfortably manage 3 million products, without around 1000 different categories (in a hierarchy).


If not, does anyone know of a product that could?



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yes if properly setup it can. You can install it create dummy products with a script and then check the cache contributions you will have to install them both on the catalog and admin end and customize them probably based on what other features your store may have.

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It can but not in it's default version. You will need to do add a few contributions, optimize queries, and general enhancements.


This will be true for any off the shelf application though.


The only question is if you can afford the hardware that will be needed to handle that kind of load and the traffic that it should have.

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