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I have a problem with OsCommerce i have installed it sucessfully and have poulated the site with all its products, My worry at the moment is when I go into 'Tools' in the admin and use 'Back up' it is now saving a file with 0 bytes on it, everything seems to be okay in the store, this has just started as 2 days ago the saved file was over 2mb, worrying to say the least - I have downloaded to my PC the 0 bytes file and had a look at it in a text editor, and of course there is no data, and just to check the 2mb file I did the same with that and it was full of data.


I could attempt to restore with the 2mb file but am worried I will make it worse - especially if this can be rsolved another way.


I need to sort this out before I can go live.


Any/all help is greatly appreciated

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I personally back up my DB in PhpMy Admin.

I do an export and paste all of the text onto a text file and save it onto my computer... It's the same thing you get from the software. I do both "replace" and "insert" (overkill I know) just in case and keep the backups on a disk. The only problem I have with the osc backup is that it's still on your server when you're done.

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This may be due to a timeout during the backup process or a limit set in the php.ini file or size limit on mysql

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Is your Osc dated try Phoenix  raising oscommerce from the ashes.

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