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Create a Bookmark Javascript in PHP


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I want to add my Javascript code into the main index definition for people to be able to bookmark my site but I cant get it to incorporate into the PHP code.


Here's my code:


<script language="JavaScript">


var bookmarkurl="http://www.DOMAIN.com";var bookmarktitle="Bookmark Us!";

function addbookmark(){

if (document.all);window.external.AddFavorite(bookmarkurl,bookmarktitle)





I need to post the above code in a spot like the head tag -->


I need to put the code below in the main body tag.


<!--[if IE]>

<script language="JavaScript">

if (document.all)

document.write('<a href="java script:addbookmark()">Bookmark Us!</a>')





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the AddFavorite function adds the url but you need to pass the arguments to it. Your jscript function addbookmark does not get any arguments and even when you call it you do not pass them to the arguments stack.


AddFavorite(?http://mysite321.com?, ?Some slogan here?);

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Please?!? I want to make some sort of code so that customers can click on it and automatically add a bookmark of my site. When I enter my regular HTML code it doesnt work in PHP. Thanks.

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