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PsiGate or InternetSecure or Anything Other Than PayPal!


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PayPal Horror Stories at paypalsucks.com - what's the alternative for a small Canadian business?


Can anyone reccomend any thing ohter than PayPal, or tell me what your experience with PsiGate or InternetSecure is?


PayPal has being making tons of money and if you use them you run the risk of losing money or your business, or even having your funds frozen for long periods of time!


I searched these forums but seems no one is listening or everyone thinks PayPal is god. Come on OSC is about the little guy running a small business, and one can't do that sucessfully if PayPal is the only option (THEY ARE TOO RISKY!).

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I am starting off with PayPal because it is actually a little less expensive, even with the issues.


The only alternative I have been able to find is to get your own credit card processing account (Merchant Accout) with a processing company. Some of these are REALLY expensive to set up, but then are less expensive in the long run and the funds deposit usually within 48 hours.


I have a merchant account for my retail store with a company called Front Line Processing here in Montana and it works fine, but they will not let me run online processing on the same account, so I have to get a second account. In the mean time, I am just going to use PayPal. The second account is slightly higher than the paypal fees due to what the credit card processor calls "higher risk" of online purchases. Also, with the merchant account, you can loose out if someone gives you a fraudulent card - PayPal says they will cover those if you follow their procedures. I am not sure how that works becuase I have not done it yet.


Now, one of the down sides is finding a processor that is compatible with the estore software. That is actually why I picked osCommerce, it seems they cover LOTS of processing options.



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We've used Pay Pal for years without any real problems other than the occasional lost order when we weren't using the Pay Pal IPN system.


The simple fact is that Pay Pal is popular because there's no setup fee, no monthly fee and their percentage rates for card transactions are only marginally (if at all) more expensive than companies which do charge hundreds for a set up fee, hundreds more for a merchant id, and charge hundreds more annually via a monthly maintenance fee - plus percentage transaction fees on top of that.


The fact is that for a small start-up there is no competition to what's offered by Pay Pal - and you're hardly likely to get objective advice on a site which calls itself 'paypalsucks'.



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