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Forcing customer to read Policies during checkout


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as a measure of "covering their butts", a client wants a pop-up window with some terms of purchase to appear when a customer clicks the "checkout" button.


If they hit "read & accept", they go on to the checkout process. If they select "no, thanks", they go back the store front.


This shouldn't be that hard to implement...but has anyone done it?


Thank you!

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change the checkout link in includes/filenames.php to

define('FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS', 'exampleT&Cfile.php');


and in you terms and conditions file include a link link this where you want your checkout button to be:

<?php echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS2) . '">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'button_checkout.gif', ''). '</a>'; ?>


then add in filenames.php:

define('FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS2', 'checkout.php');


if you have any further problems about this, then just pm me here


Menou and unome

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replace 'button_checkout.gif' with your read and accept image and remember to place this image in the catalog/images/ folder and with that it should all work.


I've just done a bit of homework, do this instead in fillenames.php

define('FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS', 'conditions.php');

and make conditions.php your terms and conditions file


You can change the page name from "conditions of use" in english.php


I hope you will create a new contribution from what i've said, i'm a bit to busy :)

Menou and unome

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Thanks for the response.


I was hoping for just a pop-up box, though. Some javascript, perhaps. If there is a way to add a javascript "prompt" box to the "checkout" button href, that'd be cool.



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There is a contribution or 2 that add the popup box like you are after:

a simple search in the contributions resulted in THESE

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