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Carry Variables throughout oscommerce shop


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Hello guys,

I very simple making a page once a customer logs in asking them a question. The variable is called payment. I have the form submission working and carrying the variable over to index.php, now i can print it on that page right after the form. how do i make it where now any page they click or the complete process they are going through until they click log out or finish there order this variable stays. As I am developing this I a printing the result on the page for debugging. Anybody that can help please using the $payment variable.


This is the only page it will print it on as I did a GET on that form




Now how do i carry that payment=1 via a post all throughout the order?

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I'm not to sure because i am new to php, but i read something like it in the book i'm learning from the other day. Sorry in advance if you don't understand this, go to http://www.hudzilla.org/phpbook/read.php/4_1_0 for a more detailed explaination


Pass the variable as a refernced parameter into a function and then call the function in the next pages. I don't think this would work but its worth a try.



somefunc($foo, $bar);

somefunc($foo, &$bar);

somefunc(&$foo, &$bar);



The other thing i can think of is to make the variable a global varible, but you'll have to read up about that.

Menou and unome

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