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Currencies glitch


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I've been having problems with getting the total in Pounds to transfer to Paypal, it keeps ending up there in Dollars.


Having failed to find anything I can successfully alter in the paypal files or on their site, I'm checking out the other places where currencies lurk, and I think I've spotted what might be the problem.


I have three currencies set, Pound sterling (default), Euro and Dollar. On the admin/currencies page the code for ? is set to UK which I'm sure is clashing with the GBP code used by Paypal. However, if I edit it to read GBP my shop suddenly shows no prices, shipping charges etc, everything reads O.


So, where and how do I alter this without the shop crashing?

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Ah- semi got it, I needed to set 'Switch to default language currency' to 'true' in the osCommerce admin panel, then it let me change UK to GBP. I think that has also sorted out the Paypal glitch


However, a couple of my items are 10p or 25p, they were ok before but the system is showingthem as priced 0 now. Any idea what may be wrong?

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Go back to admin>localization>currencies


check the 'decimal places' for GBP


Decimal Point: .

Thousands Point: ,

Decimal Places: 2

It's probably set to 0. Set it to 2 (like I have it above). Without that, your prices will be rounded off. A 35p item would be rounded to 0.

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