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The e-commerce.

With 'download' enable, Shipping is not working


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Hello All-


I've been banging my head the past few days about this. I would love to see if anyone else has seen this, then what was their fix.


I have product for which I would like to provide eBook instructions upon completion.


My settings are: download enabled


I first add the product, add the attribute for that product. All products have weights specified. Tare is 0.2lbs.


I've tried:

  1. Making tare higher (that shouldn't affect anything)
  2. Dis-abling then re-abling download module
  3. Deleting then Re-adding all attributes
  4. Zero weight= download' as at one time for all zero weight products I would get 0.0lbs for shipping, but as of this morning, that just 'stopped' occuring, so I restored the old code.

So far the only thing that is consistent is that WITHOUT an attribute added, the shipping triggers like a charm. I would LOVE, love, LOVEEE if someone could give me a hand here. I am trying to sell trial product for US and other countries, so I really need differential shipping else I'd just do a flat-rate. It was true at one point if I added a NEW product then added the attribute without any error whatsoever, I could get the shipping to come up- then as usual after a few tests, it just STOPS working.


Per Linda's post a few years back, what I'm trying to do should work just fine...but somehow, it just isn't.


My site is: Gnosis Health Products

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