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PayPal only, CCGV, and Order history issues


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Okay, I've had it...I'm at wit's end. I think I'm just going to hire someone to fix this mess that I've got myself into with my little shop. First, let me say thank you for reading this post and sorry for all the whining.


1. Nothing shows up in ADMIN -> Modules -> Orders. I've placed a dozen "test" orders and non of them show up. This includes me sending money through PayPal from a random credit card and returned to my site to get the "Check Out Successful" message and emails that the order had been made and PayPal payments. Also, when I first log into my admin, it says I have 7 orders, 2 IPN, 5 Pending, but when I click on them it takes me to the 0 of 0 Orders screen.


2. Customer's cannot see their order history. It shows 0 of 0 even though it shows a "best sellers" list of what they bought and the "other products bought with this item" shows up as well. There's also the "Order History" box in the right column that shows the items they've ordered. However if a customer logs in -> My Account -> Order history (account_history.php) the screen shows 0 of 0 and has negative page results (-4, -3, -2, -1, 0) I had this fixed at one time and now its back again.


3. I installed the CCVG (traditional) contribution and it seems to work except the customer has no place to actually enter the coupon code for a discount or a gift card code when they check out. No clue on how to fix that or if I'm just not understanding how it works.


4. Okay, something with PayPal stopped working after the installation of the CCVG stuff. So, I reinstalled the IPN contribution. Now, it won't even take the customer to PayPal to actually pay... My website just says, Okay! Success on your check out.... not good... no money sent but transaction complete....and I have no clue how to fix it.



Any suggestions or should I just hire someone to fix it? :huh: I feel like such a goof for not getting it working for as hard as I've been trying but I'm thinking I've just made it worse.... :'( Oh, and I'm only wanting to have payments go through PayPal, and I have a basic business account with PayPal, NOT PRO... so, there should be someway to get it to work where someone can order stuff from my website, send the total to PayPal, have them send money to me for that amount through PayPal, then return to my site for the completion/checkout success, and then I ship them their order. Sounds simple enough but I keep making it too complicated I think.


Anyway, thanks for reading.



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2 posts, Daniel - you're really a regular on this forum!


As for the above problem - the latest upload of the PayPal IPN contains a help file as to how to merge the IPN and CCGV(trad). If you just use CCGV without changing the IPN, it'll never work. I'd recommend to use CCGV(trad), the latest osCommerce PayPal IPN and the help file as to how to combine the two.


And I also have experience with the IPN - I uploaded the last two updates :D I have it running on several customer sites with no problems.


all the best for your shop! Terra

My code for combining PayPal IPN with ** QTPro 4.25 ** osC Affiliate ** CCGV(trad)

and how to solve the invoice already paid error

General info: Allow customer to delete order comment ** FTP Programs & Text Editors ** Amending order email **

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