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The e-commerce.

I have a problem after reinstallation


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After a huge mess in trying to get one of the contribution to work...I decided to delete my files and reinstalled Oscommerce templates. I asked my host to my a backup a copy of my database...unfortunately he made a back up after I deleted my files.


Anyway after I reinstalled I noticed 3 of my header link doesn't work...they are account.php, shopping_cart.php and checkout.php. All of these link does not work, everytime I click on either one of them it takes me back to the login.php page....Tell me if this is mess up or what!


I lost all my database with more than 700 products ....all my months of hard work went down the drain...because of one silly contribution. :'(


Could some tell me if I'm missing any steps or if there is any way to solve this problem.




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don't you create backups of your .php files before installing a contribution?

you should also do periodic backups of your own database.. unless your host specifically offers backups as a feature, it's your responsibility to ensure you have up-to-date backups to save your products


errors on a particular line usually indicate that you didn't remove the entire contribution from your .php files, which has absolutely nothing to do with the database. if you had a backup of the said .php file you could just rename the current .php page causing the problem to "old".php and overwrite it with a backup to see if the error goes away


i don't think there's any contributions that modify the database so greatly that you'd need to load a backup after trying to use them.. 99.9% of the contributions major modifications are on the php files


if you're a novice you're better off to leave the unused tables in the database. it won't hurt anything by them staying there.. it will just make your database bigger.

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