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Question concerning realtime inventory and attribute coordination..


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As the title of the post says, im having a little trouble reconciling the inventory with the attributes. Here is the example:


Baseball Cap

6 hats total in this color, i opted to make a seperate listing for the different color to make it easier on myself. if there is a way to have multiple colors in the pulldown menu link to another picture so i could show both colors at once, that would be great but i cant see how it could be done with this system. Anyways.


they are fitted caps and as such it comes sized by inches. I have three sizes listed (7 1/8, 7 3/8, 7 5/8). how here is where i have the problem. i dont have an equal amount of hats in each size (the run is 2, 3, 1, relative to the sizes listed above). now if i put the total quantity to 6 in the item description it allows for 6 hats in each size to be bought before marking it out of stock. i know if there was an even amount i could have put 2 in the total quantity and it would work, however that is not the case and i dont want to have to make seperate items for each size- that would just serve to make the online store cumbersome and innefficient. i have an uneven inventory of the same item in its different sizes. does anyone know how to insert an individual quantity for a specific size? it seems really inconvenient that it is set up this way and a matrix to insert inventory in a spreadsheet like setting would work MUCH better. ANY help is appreciated.

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