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How do I change Date of Birth to something else?


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Hello guys!


I'm having a problem that I created myself.


I wanted to change the "Date of Birth" field (from creating account - in shop) into "CNP" and make it NOT REQUIRED. "CNP" must have exactly 13 characters, all numbers (eg. 1801225163279).

A new customer can create a new account, introducing CNP without problems. After that, these problems occure:


1. When he/she wants to edit its account, instead of the numbers in "CNP" field (like the example above) it appears the example from default example of OSCommerce date of birth: "30/12/1969". He/she can (sort of) modify that without any errors showing, but the modifications don't take place at all. It still shows that default date of birth after re-entering the customer's account.


2. The default date of birth example from OSCommerce also shows up in the Admin/Customers area (when I try to modify an account) and I can't change that at all, it gives me an error wich says "Date of birth must be in the format DD/MM/YYYY". Another problem here is that it says "Required" next to DOB field. And the maximum number of characters that I can write in DOB field is 10 (when in Configuration/Minimum Values is set to 13).


3. I can't delete any account, but that I think it's from Customers Discount contrib I just installed today.



The conclusion is:

I tried to change the DOB field to CNP (exactly 13 numbers here, no slashes). Customers can create an account with CNP, but the changes don't take place all the way.


Any suggestions guys?

Please help.

Sorry for my bad english language!

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you would need to make the changes throughout the files and the database.

the database dob field uses datetime:


customers_dob datetime No 0000-00-00 00:00:00

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Is your Osc dated try Phoenix  raising oscommerce from the ashes.

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I modified the files, but if someone would try and tell me (again) the steps I have to take to do what I need... :(


I already changed the customers_dob in database to:




Is this ok or not?

Sorry for my bad english language!

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I disabled DOB from Admin and used Customer Extra Fields, it's a great contribution. Congratulations Kit! ;)

Sorry for my bad english language!

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