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The e-commerce.

question about sessions


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my site at http://www.ohshitees.com


the main page of the site is ran on word press. and i have all the images just linking straight to the OScommerce product info page, and i set it up so that my main catalog page for oscommerce just tracks straights back to the WP index file.


so i have a question, when i go into the product info page it sets up a Session ID that it uses within the page, and i was messing around a bit and i figued a way to carry that session ID over to the WP index page.


but once im back on my main index page, none of the links are session'ed so of course when you click on any other tee-shirt it takes you to a brand new session ID and everything is lost.


my question would be, is there any kind of code to make it so that on the WP index page, EVERYTHING on the page is automatically session'ed based on the main index's session ID, or something along those lines??


im trying to figure out a way to make this work, if anyone has any ideas please let me know. or if your willing to do the code for me, i could offer some form of payment through paypal.


Thank you

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