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Correct CHMOD (Read/Write) permission settings?


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Does anyone know what the correct read/write(CHMOD) settings should be on all the files an folders?




People are not being obtuse when they don't give you an exact answer. It's not like a math question - there's not necessarily one right way to do it, nor will the permissions that work for one OSC install on one server necessarily work for another OSC install on another server.


If you set all files and folders to 777, you're guaranteed to always be able to read and write to them. But this is not necessarily a good idea (and you'll get a warning from OSC about how it is able to write to the configuration file).


The images directory might work with 744, it might work with 774, it might only work with 777.


The configure.php files will probably need to be 444. Other files will probably be okay at 644.


These suggestions are based on how hosts usually (in my experience) set up their permissions. It's no guarantee that your host has their server set up the same way, and they might not work for you.



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