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Multiples of products (e.g., a case of something)


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What's the best way to sell (e.g., ) a case of something? Say I want to provide both the single item, but also wnat to provide a case of that same item (6 or 12 of it). Should I use the product attributes? If so, how do I set it up so that the purchaser is buying only the case (let's say 6 of that item) instead of just the single.


I tried to set this up but when I go to check out it's telling me I have actually 7 items in my cart (the one sinlge item, plus the case of six) so I'm being charged for an extra item that I didn't want.


Is there another, better way to accomplish this? Thanks for any help!

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Yes, you can use Product Attributes. Set one up called Quantity, and set Values for x3, x6, x9 (whatever you want) and assign prices to each of those. Also set one up for x1 and assign no price increase to this one - this becomes your base price.



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