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Question to DMOZ / Open Directory Project


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Hi there,


I have submitted my site to DMOZ beginning of May this year.

The last update date was the 15th of April.


Now I saw, that "dirt05.netscape.com" was visiting my site, which is known as an address from DMOZ/ODP.

It was a very short visit, only one click :-(


I thought, that now I get listed and checked DMOZ.

The update date is now a date from June, so I saw that the category was updated.

But I'm still not in the update.


Does anyone have experience, how long it can take to get listed

OR is the visit of DMOZ in combination with the still non-listing of my site a sign of not getting into DMOZ ?


Thanks for your input in advance,

kind regards


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DMOZ is a pain, it can take 1 week, 2 years or never, and you can do nothing about it.


I was listed in DMOZ, i was put in the wrong place so i thought i would be honest and tell them, worst mistake i could make, i was remove about 5 months ago and have not be listed as yet, i have written to them a few times but they have not reply.


You use to be able to ask if you were still on their list for review, but they have stopped that, so you have no idea if they have review your site and are not listing it.


I think DMOZ is going down the pan, and find other links stronger.


Just wait thats all you can do : )



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Just for reference, my site took about 5 months to get listed. I get some traffic, but not a lot. I think the page rank benefits are helping my Google placement, though.


Be patient and good luck.



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Can you post the details that you submited to DMOZ?


e.g. title, url, description, category


submitting your site to dmoz is not even necessary. I've spoken to some editors from dmoz and they said they basically add sites they find e.g. in search engines or in a magazine or newsletter.

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Worrying about DMOZ is a waste of time. One new site I started got listed in under 2 months this year - I submitted in March and was listed by May.


My first site was submitted in June 2003 and STILL isn't listed. I doubt it ever will be. No ideas why or why not, but the category I wanted hasn't been updated in over 3 years anyhow.


I'm just not worrying about it. I rank high enough in Google, MSN and Yahoo - which bring in 60% of my traffic anyhow. The other 40% of traffic comes from very high-quality topic-specific directories. Free ones at that!


My advice would be to search for strong, relevant topic-specific directories for inclusion. Avoid crappy link farms and link exchanges with low-rank and low-quality sites - they'll pull you down.


Good luck!



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I asked as Im a DMOZ editor, of a small category. Because of this Ive read the guidelines over and over and could perhaps offer some advice. I have a site of my own waiting approval, when I became an editor and read the guidelines properly I resubmitted it as I new it wouldn?t be approved in the category I submitted it to or with the title and description I submitted. It can take a while depending whether the category you submit to has an editor or not. But if your going to submit make absolutely sure that if an editor looks at your submission you have done everything right so they can approve your submission and move on. Once you have done this submit it and forget about it, it will eventually get approved.

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