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Help with "advanced_search.php" AND "advanced_search_result.php"


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Hello! Finally got my store nearly 100% functional. It is located here: http://www.mjmautohaus.com/catalog/


The only real issue is as follows: Whenever I attempt to access advanced_search.php OR advanced_search_result.php it sits there for a while, and eventually firefox will just try and download ("save as") the php file instead of executing it. I am unsure of what I could have done to cause such an error to occur, the only thing I have changed in advanced_search/result.php have been purely cosmetic things which I have changed everywhere on my site. Does anyone have any history with such things occuring, and if so any way to "fix" the issue? It is somewhat annoying not being able to search. My only other alternative is to make my own search page, but since OSC comes with one I would rather just us it.


ANyways, Any help will be appreciated, thank you! :D





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I have tried uploading completely unmolested copies of both files, straight from oscommerce-2.2ms2-051113.zip, getting exaclty the same results as with my semi-edited (but only asthetically!) files. I am completely dumbfounded.

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