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The e-commerce.

Installation. back to template, no pictures


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Hi, so I tried to install my new oscommerce application to my domain. I spent 2 months putting products in, doing to tables, zones, product descriptions, editing automated emails etc


I'm not sure if its all gone. I followed the instructions. created a user to my db with a role as db. made sure the configure.php file permissions were corrected (I think, I say I think cause I know we are supposed to set the chmod to 777; what is that write access, I don't use unix so i have to use webshell and I unchecked the read). Then typed www.mysite.com/catalog/install


In put my info for the host dbd info, db to be loaded, user with the password etc. I may have uploaded or copied mysite/oscommerce1/catalog to mysite/catalog (the root directory) which was in the instructions prior.


So got a success and on the second screen some weird error messages with success on the bottom, so I thought I was done.


Now I typed the www.mysite.com get nothing but the same brown login screen. Then I went the old route control panel easy apps oscommerce mysite.com/catalog. I see is what used to be my prepared site, but now all it is, is oscommerce's template with absolutely no pictures. I don't see the categories I created, none of the products or anything. even when I type mysite/oscommerce1/catalog/admin do I see the control panel but when I click on something I get the error user access denied can't connect to database server stuff.


I tied to redo and reinstall another oscommerce application and I can't even do that. When I view my files in webshell I see my old images etc.



What is it. Is it because I'm trying to publsih/load it on a weekend? Their code needs to be tweaked or is it on my side?


NEED HELP! thanks


I'm guessing my index files, style sheets, configure files are all screwed up. I'm not sure why. Was I supposed to leave the configure file permission to ready only. Or leave all files in my catalog folder to ready only. I had about 114 products and I don't want to start from scratch.


I need some serious help.

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