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The e-commerce.

LAMP platform


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Hi everyone.


I want to create an online shop using osCommerse.


I want to host the shop myself and I would like to do it on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and php) platform installed on a dedicated PC.


Problem is, I have never used Linux before and it looks really complicated to install apache, mysql, and php to Linux.


Is there a distribution of Linux I can install that will come bundled with Apache, MySQL and php, so that when I install Linux it will also install, apache, MySQL and php at the same time?


I wouldn?t want to use the LAMP computer for anything else other than hosting osCommerse.


Thanks very much in advanced.



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Dear Matthorton,

Linux is a wonderfull operating system...and free...The two main linux systems are mandrak and red hat...they come bundled with mostly all

langauages and utilities...Their method of installing is that as the install

goes along it asks you questions about your hardware and system requirements...Your question about LAMP is that it will have all this in a

install utility...Linux has a user/root session that you can spawn to

enter linux commands such as Windows (CMD)...also windows has a gui

session which is similiar to windows which you can also use...The

security on linux good...you can asign read/write/execute rings on dir/files...You may want to get yourself a cheap linux book or search the

internet on linux basics...


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